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Setting the Standard

Today’s business environments demand highly reliable, sophisticated and efficient solutions to streamline processes and increase the bottom line. At John Poulet Cheque Writer Service, we partner with industry and manufacturing leaders to provide you with efficient, high-level hardware and software solutions.
Since 1962, our reputation across Canada has been built on setting the highest standard for pre-sale assessment, after-sale support and supplies. Whether your need involves secure document management, MICR cheque printing, remittance processing, document image archive, pressure seal, mail inserters, paper folding or just simple money counting, we have a complete and total solution for you.

Financial Industry Equipment and Software Solutions

We pride ourselves in setting a new standard of performance and security for all of our clients’ critical and sensitive applications—including imaging software, cheque imaging, cheque clearing, remittance processing, cheque writing software, MICR cheque printers, cheque signers, encoders, endorsers, and money counting equipment.

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Secure Cheque Writing Solutions

We are a Canadian industry leader in protecting against cheque fraud and forgery. In addition to cheque protectographs and signers, our secure cheque printing solutions include market-leading secure MICR cheque printers, secure cheque printing software, secure number font, secure blank cheque stock—and all of our solutions meet CPA requirements.

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Paper Processing Solutions

Our extensive line of paper processing machines will help you efficiently manage your documents. The implementation of pressure sealers, paper folders, mail inserters, forms bursters, shredders and perforators will significantly reduce costs and streamline workflow.

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